Ecorite Imaging “Greens” AAM's Yearly Conference for PIC Green

Posted by Admin on 4 May 2012

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Ecorite Imaging, Inc. (ERI) produced ecologically responsible signage and promotional materials for the ‘PIC Green’ events at the American Association of Museums 2012 annual meeting in Minneapolis.

As part of the AAM Professional Committee structure, ‘PIC Green’ was established in 2007 to promote greener, more sustainable practices in museum operations through education, advocacy and service.

PIC Green used Ecorite Imaging, Inc. to produce their AAM event signage and collateral materials sustainably. Biodegradable media and substrates made from recycled content are printed with UV Ink. The finished graphics deliver excellent quality images that are durable, reusable, and eco-responsible.

“This was a tremendous opportunity to showcase the versatility of our new eco-friendly materials. said Dean Paris, Ecorite Imaging Inc.’s CEO. Ecorite Imaging produces eco-responsible museum quality graphics with durability comparable to traditional solutions, at no additional cost.” 

Biodegradable substrates from Ecorite Imaging reduce environmental impact cradle to grave. The ERI bio-polymers have no heavy metals or toxins. They offer a cleaner alternative to vinyl for most print-on-plastic applications. Whether printed with inks considered ecofriendly or not, the biodegradable substrate safely decomposes in landfill or elsewhere in the environment with no special treatment required. Site conditions determine time required to fully biodegrade sometime after one year.

Richard Larsen, Co-Chairman of PIC Green Committee at AAM 2012.
Banner stand graphic is printed on PAMPAS biodegradable polypropylene.

Portico Group designed the PIC Green graphics for the AAM conference. Ecorite Imaging produced the banners, meeting signs, and table tents for the PIC Green hosted and endorsed events. PIC Green committee members each wore biodegradable lapel badges. All these display materials were developed to be reusable and recyclable.  The biodegradables also breakdown safely when discarded.

ERI eco-friendly plastic substrates met the needs of each diverse application:

  • New banners on PAMPAS Biodegradable Polypropylene Print Sheet fit into existing structures.
  • Table tents were made from PLATEAU biodegradable multi-polymer print medium.
  • Lapel badges utilized STEPPE biodegradable polystyrene print substrate.
  • Seminar signs print on PANDA Board recycled, co-extruded black & white, rigid foamed PVC.

Biodegradable substrates from ERI can be recycled with any similar standard plastics. However, with over 90% of printed plastic currently not recycled, the real benefit of the biodegradables is that they slowly, and naturally return to organic compounds over time, wherever discarded – even in landfill.

Ecorite Imaging uses a wide range eco-responsible products for graphics – recycled papers, biodegradable laminates, recycled plastics in sheet and fabric form among them. We continually review and improve our product offering to achieve the best combination of environmental benefit and quality imaging solutions.

Museum staff and colleagues reading this article are encouraged to forward information about their own sustainability initiatives directly to Dean Paris. “From my position on AAM’s PIC Green committee I want to highlight successful green projects and sustainable practices, to share your experience throughout the museum community,” said Mr. Paris.

If you have a project or initiative you want others to know about, please forward that information to

To learn more about Ecorite Imaging, Inc. and its biodegradable and earth-friendly plastic substrates, see our website at or call us at 301-270-3989. 

Ecorite Imaging is our core philosophy. Using sustainable methods and materials is simply better for the planet.