Ask Mr. Green

Posted by Admin on 30 November 2011


Tom Bowman, president of Bowman Design Group and writer of Exhibitor Magazine’s Ask Mr Green feature, recently described Ecorite Imaging as a “green innovator.” He highlights Ecorite Imaging’s biodegradable and recyclable print substrates and the steps taken to address the environmental impact of tradeshow graphics:

Mr. Green graphicPlastics show up everywhere because they are relatively inexpensive, easy to work with, and durable. Unfortunately, using plastics brings along a host of environmental tradeoffs, one of which is that these materials will persist in landfills for hundreds or even thousands of years. In essence, we are using some of the world’s most permanent resources to express our most fleeting marketing messages.

Green innovators are attacking these problems from three different directions. One approach is to make oil-based plastics biodegradable. EcoRite Imaging (, for example, adds nutrients to the company’s PVC-based Polar Board. The nutrients allow microbes in the soil to break the plastic down within a few years. The company’s Steppe and Plateau sheets and Pampas fabric also contain these additives, as does the company’s Nilak protective laminate.

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