Ecorite Imaging Promotes 2012 Green Rush

Posted by Admin on 23 April 2012

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Ecorite Imaging, Inc. (ERI) served as a principal sponsor of the 2012 Green Rush Earth Day event hosted by Live Green D.C.  This year’s event had hundreds of participants involved in an environmental scavenger hunt focused on expanding sustainable environmental practices throughout our nation’s capital.

ERI designed and produced biodegradable banners for the event (see below) using materials only available from us to help promote this worthy cause.  The event was designed to raise environmental awareness and helped raise funds for Live Green D.C., an organization committed to get green business off the ground and to promote greener business and personal practices.  They organize community events like Green Rush to help call attention to the need for greater personal and business accountability.

Green Rush Banner by ERIEcorite Imaging CEO Dean Paris said “we were just delighted to be part of this fun and informative event.  Our biodegradable PAMPAS printable plastic was used for all the banners for the event throughout D.C.  Ordinarily these would be made on vinyl, one of the more toxic materials to the environment in use today.  We are demonstrating that you don’t have to sacrifice quality and you can also be ‘eco-nomical’ while being ‘eco-logical.’  A vinyl banner can get used one time for one event, and then sit in a landfill for over a hundred years.  That’s just crazy when we have options that are better.”

 Ecorite Imaging offers a wide range of print-on plastics, all of which are recyclable, and most of which biodegrade, like the PAMPAS used in these events.  Using non-toxic UV inks and the most sustainable print substrates available, ERI can design and produce all your display needs, whether you are a Fortune 100 company or a small organization needing specialty signs and graphics.  From banner stands, display signage, pop-ups, and any display signage or advertising, no project is too large or too small.