Due to fluctuating raw material and transportation cost, pricing is subject to change without notice. Please verify pricing with us prior to placing orders.


Payment Terms

  • Credit Card Prepay: Applicable for all orders. Credit cards will be processed for the amount of the sales order. Any additional charges/credits (if applicable) will be processed after the order has been completed and shipped.
  • First Time Orders: Must be paid in full prior to shipping product.
  • Normal Terms:  50% deposit with order and net 30 upon receipt of invoice. Credit cards will be processed for the full amount of the sales order. If applicable, any additional charges (e.g. freight) will be included on invoice.

Standard Orders

Minimum purchase quantity on standard materials are as follows:

  • Board Materials: standard stock items are sold by box (see spec. sheets/price list)
  • Roll Material: see spec. sheets / price list

Custom Orders

Non-stock items and special orders require minimum production runs:

  • 500 sheet minimum on 4' x 8' sheet stock (250 sheet on .25" thick or more)
  • 40 roll minimum for 54" roll stock (roll is typically 150' long)


Delivery of stock materials typically takes 7 business days from order date.  Custom materials, cut sheets, or services are scheduled with order.