Why Choose Biodegradable Media?

When discarded, most plastics remain permanently in the environment. Typically, it can take centuries for standard polymers to even break into smaller pieces.


Plastics are incredibly useful, durable, and flexible. Similar to paper, only more efficiently, plastic can usually be up-cycled and repurposed, and should always be recycled whenever possible. Unfortunately, most printed plastics currently don’t get into any recycling programs and either end up in landfill, the oceans, the earth, or incinerated.


Ecorite Imaging’s printable plastics are all premium quality print substrates. Our biopolymers are manufactured in the USA with bio-additives that encourage microorganisms to colonize the plastic and decompose it naturally, with no added processing, treatment, or investment of energy or other resources.


Over a relatively short time, our biodegradable plastic safely degrades in landfill, water, and on the ground, wherever microbes are found.


The biodegradable plastics we work with have no toxic compounds, heavy metals, or phthalates. So, as they decompose no harmful materials enter the environment.


The biodegrading of plastic is similar in process and time frame, to how a fallen branch becomes mulch on the forest floor. Microbes colonize and break down the material structure into biogas, biomass, and water. Depending on site conditions, most of our biodegradable substrates should safely decompose within seven years.


All of Ecorite Imaging's biodegradable materials can be recycled with any similar plastics in the appropriately rated groups of #1-7.



Why Choose Ecorite Imaging?


Ecorite Imaging’s biodegradable substrates key environmental benefits:


  • Made in USA
  • Biodegrade Naturally in Landfill, Ground, and Water
  • Meet ASTM Biodegradable Standards: #D5209-91, #D5338-98, #D5511 
  • Reduced Environmental Impact in Production
  • Reduced Ecological Impact in Waste Stream
  • Contain no Heavy Metals, or Toxic Compounds
  • Lower Carbon Footprint for Transportation
  • Cost of Finished Graphic is Comparable to Industry Standards